Debbie Bollard, a gambling license expert, is the owner of Hough & Bollard - a niche consultancy specialising in licences for gambling for land-based Operators in the Gambling Industry.


Our Story

Industry Relevant Experience

With over a decade in the gambling licences industry, including as a gambling law solicitor, Debbie is equipped with the specialist knowledge and expertise to advise on gambling law in the UK. Debbie has extensive experience of dealing with the day-to-day licensing requirements of firms; advising on how to apply for licences successfully and helping to take the strain out of obtaining and maintaining your business licences.

Debbie’s career started as a litigation solicitor working for a firm in Lincolnshire where she acted for Clients across the UK, providing legal advice, including directing on how to obtain a gambling license.   When the Gambling Act came into force in 2007, it was with the intention of reforming the industry and anticipating the rapid development in technology that has subsequently influenced the growth in online gambling.  Its introduction brought massive changes to the gambling laws in the UK which have affected the UK gambling industry.   Debbie understands the unique needs of small independent operators and works with them to get their Operating and Premises Licences in time.  She has a large client base across the UK and sits on the Industry Lawyers Forum at the Gambling Commission.  Over the years she has developed strong, lasting relationships with the owners of AGCs, FECs, Betting offices and Bingo sites as well as manufacturers and suppliers of gaming machines.

In 2016 Debbie set up Hough & Bollard to focus on her clients operating in the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors.   Her expertise is in gambling licensing for businesses based in the UK and regulated by the Gambling Act 2005.  She is an associate member of Bacta the trade organisation representing the gaming machine industry in the UK, and which represents many of her clients.  Hough & Bollard also works with businesses that require a licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003, for the supply of alcohol, provision of regulated entertainment and late night refreshments.  Furthermore as a qualified employment law specialist with a post-graduate Diploma in HR management and an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Debbie can advise her clients on any employment issues they may have. 

Debbie takes a flexible approach to work with clients during hours and using communications that suit them.  Many of Debbie’s original clients continue to engage her for her bespoke and cost-effective services.  It is a credit to her hard work, tenacity and commitment to her clients that many of them have recommended Debbie to others who in turn have also becoming long-standing clients.

What you will get from Debbie is the help and advice you need to run your business without paying city prices.   Her strengths lie in being capable, well organised, and hardworking and self-motivated to deliver quality work on time.   She has a practical, hands-on approach to resolving issues quickly and efficiently and in a cost-effective manner.



Our Vision

To be the Licensing Consultancy of choice for independent businesses across Great Britain.

Our Mission

To provide cost-effective licensing and employment support to businesses in the hospitality leisure and retail sectors.

Our Values

Industry-specific expertise; Commitment to Clients and their needs; Practical hands-on approach; Delivering quality work on time.


Debbie Hough Bollard

Experienced Licensing Consultant and HR Practitioner, working with small independent site operators and other businesses for over 10 years.

Darren Wyld & Sean Tee

“We have used Debbie Hough Bollard on numerous occasions as she is very knowledgeable of the gaming industry. We have also recommended her services as a consultant to other operators as we are very confident of her professionalism and communications and know from experience that she will put 100% into every job.”

Premier Gaming Limited

Jonathon Crystal

"Obtaining my operator's licence was made so much easier with Debbie's expertise and guidance. I found I received a very swift, professional and friendly service for a very fair and realistic fee. I would highly recommend Debbie"

BMJ Supplies LTD

Sofia Baguely

"Debbie gave me advice on alcohol licensing, and she was very prompt with her reply and very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Debbie, and she left an excellent impression on me with her approachable yet very professional attitude. Thanks again, Debbie!!"

Sofia's Columbian Kitchen

Steve Ledger

"I would not hesitate to use your services again in the future and would, and I will highly recommend your services to my business colleagues."

Finance Director Retail Associates Limited

Richard Monk

"One of the only specialists in this complex field giving advice you can depend on"

Aztec Coin Equipment Ltd