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Debbie Bollard is a qualified HR specialist and the owner of Hough and Bollard, a niche consultancy.  She has been providing employment law advice to clients across many business sectors in England and Wales, since qualifying as a solicitor over twelve years ago.  Debbie is an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development with an Advanced Diploma in HR Management and now provides advice as an Employment Law Consultant.   Hough & Bollard provides expert advice and support to SMEs that value their people as an important asset and help clients make the most of their staff.

Employment Law Services

Employment documents – Hough & Bollard supplies bespoke employment documents tailored to your business needs, which are written in an easy to understand language:-

  • Contracts of employment, written clearly and fairly, they provide important protection for a business if things go wrong.
  • Policies written in simple terms so there are no misunderstandings about key issues; they demonstrate that your business takes the issues seriously.
  • Staff handbooks incorporating policies, business procedures and rules so that staff know exactly what is expected of them at all times.
  • Settlement agreements setting out terms on which an employee’s employment may terminate. The agreement protects a business from any potential claims arising from an employee’s employment or its termination.
  • Auditing and fine tuning existing documents to bring them up-to-date with existing legislation.

Appraisals and Performance management

Your staff need to know that their performance meets the business’ expectations.  This should be done through constant feedback as well as routine appraisals which Hough & Bollard can design for your business needs.  And when an employee is not performing as expected, Hough & Bollard can help you put in place support and training so they can improve.

Grievances – if an employee makes a complaint about their employment, Hough & Bollard provide advice and guidance.  Hough & Bollard can help with investigations and hearings to restore harmony to the workplace.

Conduct problems – it can be frustrating when an employee's behaviour upsets the business and other employees.  Hough & Bollard help businesses to manage employees who are under-performing or adversely affecting the workplace environment.

Disciplinary procedures – Hough & Bollard offers support through investigations and meetings to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and consistently.  They offer guidance on appropriate disciplinary action and reduce the risk of an expensive employment tribunal claim.

Absence management

Employees who repeatedly fail to attend work affect a business’ profits and adversely affect the morale of other employees who have to pick up the slack.  Hough & Bollard provide business owners with support for short or long term absences and help identify any associated workplace issues.  A return to work meeting is an effective way to understand repeated absences and need to be handled properly to be productive.  Hough & Bollard offers employment law advice and guidance about designing a bespoke return to work scheme for staff returning from a long-term absence.  They will help you to make sure that any decisions taken comply with the Equality Act 2010 and reduce the risk of an expensive employment tribunal claim.

Capability management

Hough & Bollard help businesses to improve poor employee performance that can affect profits.  There may be times when an employee is not giving 100% and Hough & Bollard will help you to understand why and how to put things right.  They understand that procedures must be consistent and fair and can advise on how to conduct meetings to discuss issues; offer advice and support on any additional training needed and make sure that any decisions taken comply with the Equality Act 2010.


All businesses go through change and in the event that staff have to be made redundant the process needs to be handled carefully.  A process that is unfair and inconsistent may result in poor staff morale for those remaining and worse still it could result in an employment tribunal claim.  Hough & Bollard offers employment law advice and guidance through every step of the consultation process.  They help businesses identify those employees that are at risk, provide letters and scripts for announcements and prepare new job descriptions and selection criteria.

Transfers of ownership

If ownership of the business changes and TUPE regulations may apply Hough & Bollard can offer expert advice on the consultation process too.

Cost-effective, high-quality Employment law advice for SMEs

Hough & Bollard provide HR advice and support without locking businesses into costly long-term service plans which eat into hard-earned profits. Taking early advice can reduce the risk of you and your employees falling out; and if that's not possible Hough & Bollard will help and guide you through the process step by step so that you don't feel overwhelmed. With years of negotiating experience, Hough & Bollard will ensure that whenever possible an employee issue is settled before costs spiral out of control.

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