The Gambling Commission’s three year strategy published in 2017,  Making gambling fairer and safer gambling is intended to focus on the consumer and to create a market where consumers can make informed choices about gambling whilst knowing their rights and the risks, and that they are free to enjoy gambling with the confidence that they are being treated fairly.


Following a public consultation the Gambling Commission has introduced new standards through the Licensing Codes and Conditions of Practice that come into effect on 31 October 2018 and that Operators will have to comply with.  These include:-

  • elevating the UK Advertising Codes from an Ordinary Code Provision to a Social Responsibility code provision on marketing of offers;
  • clarifying the Social Responsibility code provision on the marketing of offers;
  • introducing a new Social Responsibility code provision to prevent SPAM emails;
  • clarification on Operator’s responsibility for third parties acting on their behalf;
  • ensuring that all contractual terms and notices applicable to consumers are readily available, transparent and fair and comply with the Consumer Rights Act 2015;
  • ensuring that consumers know how to make a complaint, and that the process is fair open and transparent;
  • introducing an 8 week limit for Operators to resolve a complaint before it is passed to their ADR provider;


The Gambling Commission has also introduced the new standards it expects from ADR providers, in its publication ADR in the Gambling Industry.  It provisions require ADR providers to:-

  • consider as many complaints as possible, and let consumers know quickly if they cannot help them with their complaint;
  • tell consumers when they have received their complaint, and keep them updated throughout the process;
  • inform consumers of their right to ask to see any information from the Operator about their complaint where applicable;
  • take into account consumer’s needs when making contact;
  • provide consumers with information
    • about what happens at the end of the process, including any appeal process and how to complain about the service received
    • demonstrating their independence from the Operator, including how they are funded
    • about the service provided, including methods, timescales, and performance data


A video produced by the Gambling Commission about the changes is now available to view on the updates to the LCCPs


It is likely that Operators’ existing policies and procedures may need amending to take into account these changes; if you require any assistance call us today 07854149504


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